A tribute on an album level offers a chance for some "what if's" to be addressed. With 16 tracks several songs get multiple treatments. In terms of professional appearance of product "Undressed" rates right up there with "Return Of The Comet" for quality.

Overall the quality of the music and production on the album is excellent. Packaging is also of high quality and features the "Unmasked" chapter of the third edition of the "KISS Album Focus".

Check the songs out by yourself. You find one minute MP3 samples of each song here. Enjoy the "Undressed Tribute To KISS".


Track 01 Jendza Is That You? 3:38
Track 02 Ryan Mc Kay Shandi 3:32
Track 03 Shameless Talk To Me 3:37
Track 04 Nash Naked City 3:31
Track 05 Demon Drive What Makes The World Go Round 4:23
Track 06 Pretty Suicide Tomorrow 3:17
Track 07 The Geminus Sect Two Sides Of The Coin 3:19
Track 08 Boot Camp She's So European 5:22
Track 09 Dressed To Thrill Easy As It Seems 3:40
Track 10 The Torpedo Girls Torpedo Girl 3:56
Track 11 Shameless You're All That I Want 3:12
Track 12 Oliver Monroe Naked City 4:08
Track 13 Shameless Tomorrow 4:17
Track 14 Mind Over Me Two Sides Of The Coin 3:48
Track 15 Tykoon Easy As It Seems 2:22
Track 16 Kiss Forever Talk To Me 4:08


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